Who we are

We are a broker dealer for NSE, BSE, BSE F&O, BSE Currency, BSE Commodities, MSEI, and ICEX.

We are also a High Frequency Trading combining the power of AI with high speed execution.


Own Proprietary Algorithms using Black-Scholes, CAPM and MPT models.
  • Feed Handlers

  • Order Management Services

  • ORM Services

  • Low Latency Execution

  • Very Low Cost Solutions

  • High Leverage Offerings

Other Divisions

Stampede Wealth

We are a wealth manager of SEBI Registered License Number: INP000006864

Human Trader

Human traders are very expensive

Need breaks for lunch

Can Trade only one or two scrip’s

Bonus sharing


Robo Trader

Stampede as a vendor licensed its Artificial Technology for providing Robo Trader, Robo Jobber, Robo Market Maker and Robo VWAP accumulator.

Low Cost

Continuous Trading

No Breaks

No bonuses

Can trade 10 scrips parallelly

Robo Jobber

Jobbers are integrated with Technically Analysis.

Multiple Signal Processing of Technical Analysis

Multiple Time Frames

Multiple Stop Losses

Trailing Stop Losses

Training Targets

Artificial Intelligence is completely integrated in Jobbers

Customized Risk Reward can be mentioned.

Pre-Programmed inventory control

Built in Risk Limits

Kailash Market Maker

Market Making Robo based on BAM and then provide huge liquidity to the new contracts in exchanges

Multiple Order Book Display over the exchanges ( Eg five to ten bid and ask)

Bid Ask spread can be captured continuously

Other products in progress

  • Option Market maker
  • Robo VWAP